Saturday, November 10, 2012

Your Santa Story Personalized DVD Giveaway

This is a great holiday giveaway.   My daughter would probably listen to Santa before she would listen to me.  If  I got this customized dvd, I could get her to listen to me as Santa.  Enter below and have a chance to win your very own personalized Santa Story dvd.  Good Luck!

Your Santa Story Customized DVD Giveaway!

Your Santa Story is a customized and personalized family specific DVD that features and authentic Santa Clause with a full white beard and red suit. He will talk to each of your children by name and tell them whatever mom and dad choose. He can talk about achievements, their behavior or how much they are loved. You are even given an option for Santa to tell them about a "special" gift he has hidden somewhere for them to find, and then disclose the predetermined location.

The people behind Your Santa Story are a tiny team of determined Moms and Dads just like you and I that LOVE Christmas. They call their little company "Your Santa Story" for a reason. They didn't use the name "My Santa Story" because the story is not theirs, it's yours. Every family is different and therefore every family deserves their own story. This is "Your Santa Story."

You can learn more about Your Santa Story by checking out the 12 Things We Believe. Your Santa Story encourages everyone to share ideas, feedback, pictures, videos and stories with them on Facebook and Twitter

They are also giving away a Your Santa Story DVD every week on Facebook!


You have a chance to win your own Your Santa Story DVD right here!

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  1. A great holiday memory was finding Santa walking around the neighborhood while we were on a drive to see the lights. I was 5 yrs old...and wide eyed in amazement!

  2. Dinner together as a family (including my extended). I look forward to it every year.

    Wait a minute, isn't Santa real...

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  3. Rushing into the living room to see what santa had brought all 6 of us girls!