Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let Me In

LET ME IN -  ***** - 3 stars

I recently watched LET ME IN.  I didn’t know too much about it, but I thought it was a horror film.  I would not put it in the horror category really because it was not at all scary.  I did like the story of the two main character, Abby and Owen.  Owen is a 12 year old boy that doesn’t have any friends and gets continuously hassled by the 3 typical bully boys at his school.  You feel for Owen’s character and what he goes through.
Then he meets Abby on the snow covered playground by their apartment.  They start meeting every night and become friends.  Though Abby initially seems like a regular 12 year old girl, she is anything but.  Abby is a vampire who needs blood to live.  She lives with a man assumed to be her father.  He must go out and kill for her to bring her blood and he is getting careless and does not want to continue to do such things.
Owen does find out she is a vampire and you explore their unique friendship and how they deal with things getting a little out of control.
Even though it was not scary or action packed, I still enjoyed the movie and the overall story.
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